About Us

Southern Pipeline Contractors (Pty) Ltd is proud to be associated with Sogea Satom, one of the leading international building and civil engineering companies in Africa, which in turn is part of Vinci. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company with BBBEE Level 4 contributor.

Our Vision:

SPC and its people are proudly committed to produce products and solutions for the development of infrastructure in the Southern African continent.

Our Values:


SPC shall comply with all relevant legislation and regulations applicable to its business and strives to exceed standards set out by relevant authorities.


The professionalism of our teams in production and on construction sites guarantees competence and quality to our customers as well as success for our company.


The ambition of each employee drives our company’s development and relevance for the future and is encouraged and fostered.


The success of the company requires that each employee shoulders the responsibilities inherent in her or his job and that each individual be able to act independently and efficiently for the collective good of the company.


Safeguarding and protecting the health and safety of our employees is one of the keys to the success of our production and projects.