SPC Acoustics

Absorptive Noise Barriers (Wood Fibre Concrete)

Wood fibre concrete is light and full of cavities that transform noise into energy. It is made of treated wood chips or fibres that are bonded with cementitious mixtures. The panels are rot proof and are usually fixed to reinforced concrete panels or an existing structure.

Wood fibre concrete noise barriers are durable in Europe, the acoustic properties of similar panels have not deteriorated after 20 years. These SABS tested panels can be produced in different colours and shapes to blend with their surroundings and as long as graffiti is avoided, no specific maintenance is needed.

Reflective Noise Barriers

Reflective barriers, made out of solid reinforced concrete, are used along the Gautrain route and highways to bounce sound back towards its source. This protects residential and corporate areas from excessive noise pollution, reducing the impact of the noise source on the environment.