SPC Recent Site Activities

Umgeni Water Aqueduct 2 Rehabilitation of 30km Ø1200mm steel pipeline. R120 million 2014
Palaborwa City Water Rehabilitation of 10km Ø1000mm steel pipeline. R6 million 2014
Umgeni Water Aqueduct 3/4 Rehabilitation of 15km Ø1200mm steel pipeline. R60 million 2013
Rand Water R5 Installation of 8,5km Ø1500mm steel pipeline. R50 million 2010
Department of Water Affairs (Gamtoos) Supply and installation of 3,2km Ø1800mm steel pipeline. R72 million 2009
Department of Water Affairs (Gamtoos) Rehabilitation of 2 concrete siphons Ø2400mm and Ø1500mm. R5 million 2008
Department of Water Affairs (Jericho Dam) Rehabilitation of 25km Ø930mm steel pipeline. R37 million 2008
Rand Water 02 Pipeline Rehabilitation of 12km Ø1900mm concrete pipeline (PCP). R40 million 2008
ESKOM Rehabilitation of 15km Ø700mm steel pipeline. R10 million 2007
ESKOM Holdings Rehabilitation of Komati Power Station steel pipelines. R6.6 million 2007
Rand Water Rehabilitation of B4 concrete pipeline (PCP). R60 million 2005
Rand Water Rehabilitation of 19km Ø734mm steel pipeline. R18 million 2004
ESKOM Rehabilitation of the Piccadilly Circus- Hendrina steel pipeline. R22 million 2004
Rand Water P1 (Phase 1, 2, 3) Rehabilitation of 80km of Ø610mm steel pipeline. R38 million 2002

Some Of Our Projects:

  • Gautrain Tunnel Segments
  • Koeberg Nuclear Station
  • Kouga Water Scheme
  • Bergriver Saldanha Water Project
  • Gabarone Outfall Sewer
  • Grootfontein Omatako Siphons
  • Gautrain Noise Barriers
  • Soweto Outfall Sewer
  • Bruma Outfall Sewer
  • Moreletta Spruit Sewer
  • Jacking Pipes for NMPP
  • Riviersonderend Scheme
  • Mozambique