Corporate Social Responsibility

Southern Pipeline Contractors (Pty) Ltd is committed to being an active and responsible company. In line with ISSA (Sogea-Satom Initiatives For Africa) program, we support education and economic initiatives by providing assistance to local communities. We strongly believe that this contribution will make a positive impact on social and economic activities in the community.


Corporate Social Responsibility Project



NOSA is a non-profit organization situated in the northern rural part of Pretoria called Winterveldt, approximately 45 km from the Pretoria CBD. The purpose of NOSA is to help children and elderly people in their area as well as neighbouring areas, who are disadvantaged and stricken by poverty. Through ISSA program, Southern Pipeline Contractors (Pty) was able to provide them with a refurbished mobile house, furnished with tables and chairs affording them a safe and reliable workspace for their project. To increase productivity 5 sewing machines and sewing accessories were also donated.

Prime Rose

Little Rose Center

The Little Rose Centre is a registered Non-profit organization based in Kliptown. It was initiated to provide early childhood education for the children based in a squatter camp in Kliptown, Soweto. In rainy season the school yard flooded with water making it difficult for the children to play outside and the caregivers to function properly. In 2016 Southern Pipeline Contractors (Pty) paved the whole yard and installed a bigger septic tank for the organization.

Hosanna Sentrum

Hossana Sentrum

Mohau Community Center (initially called Hosanna Sentrum), located in Springs, east of Johannesburg is a non-profit organization intended to address poverty issues in the area. The centre serves meal to underprivileged children and vulnerable elderly people several times a week. In October 2012, Southern Pipeline Contractors contributed to the centre’s activities by refurbishing the house in which the centre was facilitated and providing a cold room for storage of perishable foods. ISSA ambassadors who are employees of the company assisted in sourcing reliable contractors to carry out the refurbishment works, selecting good-quality materials and inspecting the works.

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